Racing Fingers Quilt Guild - Meetings

Racing Fingers logo thimble inside square racing stripeRacing Fingers Quilt Guild
Ormond Beach, Florida

RFQG meets the 3rd Monday of the month for regular meetings.

Those considering membership(which is $25 yearly) may attend as a guest for two meetings.

For a map to our meeting location click on: Meeting Map.

In keeping with our usual practice, there will be no formal meetings in July and August. Instead you are invited to gather together for great conversation and a chance to work on your portable projects. Bring a snack and a drink if you wish.


Date: Monday, August 20, 2018.

Place: Fellowship Hall, Ormond Beach Presbyterian Church, 105 Amsden Road, Ormond Beach

Time: 6:30 pm.

At the meeting in August, we will finish up whatever needs to be done on the opportunity quilt to have it ready to quilt. Karen Licht believes it will be all together and she may just need some hands to help rip out the paper.
We will also be working on cutting out kits and blocks for charity quilts. Many members have said it would be easier if we had baggies with blocks or kits for them to grab, so we will try it out.
Bring your rotary cutters and mats. If you have any fabric to donate it would be appreciated. We have some, but many times not enough to blend together for a quilt top. We will be cutting for Project Warm, for women and kids in a shelter (we have 6 waiting for labels to arrive), and also for Honor Quilts for Vets (we have one being quilted). So, any children’s fabric or patriotic fabric would help. We will also have the guild's Dash Quilts template there to use for cutting. If anyone really, really wants to sew then bring a machine, but it would be a great help to get lots of blocks and kits cut and together to start work on in the next few months.
Don't forget to bring your scissors, knives, machetes, well maybe we don't have machetes, but bring your items in need of sharpening to the August meeting. Darlene Bingenheimer's husband will set up and be ready to make our sewing and cutting easier. Bring cash or your checkbook!"

September - “What I Have Learned: My journey from the first stitch to Tumbling Blocks and Card Tricks,” a lecture and trunk show, presented by Suzann Semonovick

Date: Monday, September 17, 2018

Place: Fellowship Hall, Ormond Beach Presbyterian Church, 105 Amsden Road, Ormond Beach

Time: 6:30 pm.

Suzann will talk to us about her quilting journey. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing, so she will tell you that it is okay to point and laugh. The trunk show will walk you through her triumphs and set-backs. She hopes it will inspire you to never stop learning. Born and raised in New Jersey, Suzann Semono-vick was a telephone repairman. She was the first woman to have that job and they didn’t have a different title back then. After 20 years she retired and moved to Florida with her husband. Suzann's neighbor invited to her to join a quilt class and she accepted. Suzann taught for many years for Flagler Adult Education. She began designing her own pat-terns in 1993 and started her own business, Gran-nie Suzannie. The rest, as they say, is history.