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Links to Friends

Byrd's Nest Quilt Shop

Quilt Shop of Deland

The Sewing Garret

Seaside Sewing and Quilts

Cut Up and Sew

Florida Quilt Network (List of Quilt Shows)

Quilters by the Sea

American Quilter's Society


Quilting patterns by Karen Comstock

Online Mattress Review

Support Your Local Quilt Shop

Quilt shop owners work hard to provide us with the latest and best quality fabric, quilting tools, and classes so we can make the wonderful quilts we love and love to give--to loved ones and as donations. We want these shops to stay in business.

We are lucky enough to have five quilt shops in our area: Byrd's Nest Quilt Shop in Ormond Beach, Cut Up and Sew in Palm Coast, The Sewing Garrett in Daytona Beach, Seaside Sewing and Quilts in New Smyrna Beach, and the Quilt Shop of Deland. Show your support by patronizing your local quilt shops!

Interesting Quilt Information

No matter how many websites we find with quilting information, there's always room for one more! So here's another one: